(The post-jam version contains minor text tweaks and a colorblind mode (press P))

When you are out of controls, you need to make your own.

You are the commander of your spaceship. After a collision with an asteroid, you lose communications with your pilot (your dog). You need to guide him, but how?

In this game, you need to create a code to tell your dog what to do. That's problem solving, not puzzle solving: your role is not to understand how the dog thinks but how he will adapt to what you (literally) throw at him. The dog remember what you send him and build its knowledge around that. If at some point you send him "big big small big" socks as the spaceship needs to go left, he will remember that this combination means "left".

With your assistance, your dog will avoid asteroids, put out fires, fight space pirates and, above all, call for help! Your goal is to contact help with your radio while surviving all the other hazards.

TL;DR: this game contains:

- the creation of a socks-based code;

- an advanced AI (the dog) that tries to understand you;

- some beautiful pixel art (sorry for that).

You can disable the tutorial in the menu (press P). A hard mode is also available if the game is too easy for you.

I would like to thank very much the composer Robby Duguay for his free pico-8 music.


that-day_windows_postjam.zip 2 MB
that-day_osx_postjam.zip 6 MB
that-day_linux_postjam.zip 1 MB
that-day_windows.zip 1 MB
that-day_osx.zip 3 MB
that-day_linux.zip 660 kB

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I won! I had a pretty good system and put out all the fires and dodged all of the asteroids/comets and got help! 100/10

Well done!

Really cool idea ! loved it altho im bad

This game is great. Its a lot of fun trying to get the dog to do the stuff you want it to do. Once I got full communication going I only had a bit of hull left, so it was still exciting.

Thank you for the review! I'm very happy you liked it. I was afraid the game would be too hard to understand…