You dreamed about a ethereal fractal but as you wake up, your memories get jumbled. Retrieve what you lost!

Facetious puzzle is a game created for the TweetTweetJam 2 with 560 characters. It is also my first game on PICO-8. The name of the game is inspired by the literal translation of the french name of 15-puzzles, "jeu du taquin".

Source code:

c=2048z=127w=rnd f=memcpy d={16,-16,0,c}d[8]=-c m=10+w(15)u=w(.001)v=w(.001) for k=4,2,-2 do for x=0,z,k do for y=0,z,k do a,b,i=0,0,0while i<32 and a*a+b*b<4 do e=a a=a*a-b*b+x/c/m-.103-u b=2*e*b+y/c/m+.953-v i+=1end j=flr(i/2)circfill(x,y,i-2*j+k/2,j+k/3)end end end l=line for i=31,z,32 do l(0,i,z,i,0)l(i,0,i,z,0)end p=6192 x=24576 g=c while t()<3 do end::_::b=a if(g>0)g-=1 a=d[2^flr(w(4))]else poke2(12800,2752)a=d[btn()]flip() if(not a or a==b)goto _ q=p+a if(q%8192!=q or q%c>=64)sfx(0)goto _ for y=x,x+1984,64 do f(p+y,q+y,16)f(q+y,0,16)end p=q goto _

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