There is no such thing as "too many cats". Catpocalypse is a clicker game that leads to the… catpocalypse.


  • Arrows to select the upgrade
  • Z to create manually more cats
  • X to buy an upgrade

This game is 560 chars long and is a submission to the TweetTweet2 game jam.

Source code:

g,m=poke2,12800g(m,2129)g(m+2,3178)g(m+4,1120)c={}g={1,2,0,3}g[8]=4z="🐱"t={"⬅️ quantum box ","➡️ portal?! ","⬆️ \"lost\" poster ","⬇️ mega-🅾️ "}m,d,n=1,0,0p={100,1000,10,50}q={2,4,1,0}r={0,0,0,1}s=3::_::n+=d/30b,u=a,g[btn()] if(u)s=u a=btn(🅾️) if(a and a!=b)n+=m if(btn(❎)and#c>=p[s])n-=p[s]sfx(0)d+=q[s]m+=flr(r[s])p[s]=flr(p[s]*1.6)r[s]*=1.2 while n<0 do del(c,c[#c])n+=1end while n>1 do add(c,{rnd(122),7+rnd(110),8+rnd(8)})n-=1end cls()for e in all(c) do ?z,e[1],e[2],e[3] end ?#c..z,5,1,3 ?"🅾️="..m..z,45,1,3 ?d.."🐱/s",90,1,3 ?t[s]..p[s]..z,20,122,3 flip()goto _

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